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Natural Therapies in New South Wales

How Long Does Shipping to Sydney (Warrane) Take?

All orders are processed and shipped from our Melbourne-based pharmacy within 1-3 business days, with 95% of orders leaving our partner pharmacy within 2 business days. Once shipped from our pharmacy, your prescription medication is sent out to you, via Australia Post Registered Express Shipping.

For most NSW addresses, Australia Post Registered Express Shipping takes 1-3 business days. For more information, see the Australia Post website.

Can I drive after taking prescription natural medicine in Sydney (Warrane)?

The most important restriction for prescription natural medicine patients to note is that it is currently illegal to drive in Sydney (Warrane) and New South Wales with any amount of the active ingredient known for causing psychoactive effects detectable in your system, even with a valid natural medicine prescription. This means that if you are prescribed a dried herb or natural medicine that contains any of this active ingredient, you will need to wait until the medication has left your system before you drive. This law exists in all Australian states and territories, except Tasmania (nipaluna).

Remember to always pay attention to the effects you experience while taking your medication, and ensure you aren’t driving while impaired. Learn more about driving regulations here.

Is prescription natural medicine legal in Sydney (Warrane)?

In Sydney (Warrane) and New South Wales, prescription natural medicine has been legal since 2016. Prescription natural medicines are legally accessible through prescriptions from certified doctors. These doctors, having undergone specific training and registered with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), can prescribe alternative medicines for various medical conditions.

Can I get a Polln consultation consultation in regional New South Wales?

Yes. Because all of our consultations are conducted via telehealth (video), you can have a consultation with one of our authorised prescribers from wherever you are in Australia. What’s more, if you receive a prescription, we handle all dispensing and delivery direct to you, anywhere in Australia - including regional New South Wales.

How can I find out if I'm eligible for natural therapies?

To find out if you could be eligible for natural therapies, you must speak with a qualified healthcare professional or doctor who can assess your eligibility before writing a prescription. The Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA) states that in order to be eligible you must have a condition that has lasted for 3+ months which either hasn't responded to conventional treatment or caused unwanted side effects. 

What steps do I need to follow to get a prescription for natural medicines?

To be considered eligible for natural prescription medicine in Australia, you must first speak to a doctor who specialises in natural medicines. If your doctor deems you eligible, they will proceed with writing you a script for natural medicines. Once your script has been written, you can easily fill your script by ordering your medication(s) online through the Polln Patient dashboard. 

How much does prescription natural medicine cost?

The cost of any prescription medicines that your doctor may prescribe will vary depending on your condition and what treatment your doctor determines is best suited to you and your needs. Due to government regulations, we are unable to advertise the price of any medications or products on our website. On average, most flower products cost between $12-$18 per gram, with most flowers coming in 10-gram containers. Plant medicine oils typically cost between $3-$7 per ml and will usually come in 30ml bottles. 

If you have any questions relating to the costs of treatments and medications, we recommend discussing these with your doctor during your consultation.

Are consultations available online, and what should I expect from a telehealth session?

Polln is an online medical clinic, meaning that all consultations we offer are available virtually – either via a phone call or a video call. You can expect to receive a comprehensive health review from one of our experienced doctors, and if deemed suitable, a personalised treatment plan and prescription for natural medicine.

How much do consultations and natural therapies cost?

At Polln, we believe in full transparency when it comes to our pricing, meaning that our consultations are designed to be as accessible as possible, with no hidden surprises or additional dispensing fees. 

All new Polln patients will need to book an Initial Consultation; 30 minutes of one-on-one time with an expert doctor who specialises in natural therapies. The cost of an Initial Consultation is $110, and this covers the consultation and personalised treatment plan. Please note that the cost of any prescribed medications is in addition to the consultation fee. 

Existing Polln patients can choose to book from two Follow-Up Consultations. A Short Follow-Up Consultation provides patients with a 15-minute review of their existing treatment plan, including repeat prescriptions. A 15-minute Short Follow-Up costs $49. 

A Long Follow-Up Consultation is recommended for returning patients who wish to discuss new health conditions or have complex treatment plans. A long Follow-Up Consultation is $75 and provides patients with 30 minutes of one-on-one time with their doctor. 

If you’re new to Polln but are an existing natural therapies patient at another clinic, you may be eligible to receive 20% off an initial consultation with us. To find out if you could be eligible, simply submit a valid discharge letter from your current clinic here

For more information on our pricing model and the Polln Price Guarantee, click here.

Do you ship to New South Wales?

Polln is accessible to all Australians, no matter where in the country you may be. We proudly ship all prescription treatments via Express Registered Post to all states and territories within Australia, including regional areas.

What makes you different from other online dispensaries?

We’re not your typical doctor’s office, and that’s what makes us different. 

Not only are we the only online clinic that provides a complimentary Nurse service to all our patients, but we’re also the only online clinic that guarantees that every consultation you have is with a doctor. We’re proud to only partner with doctors and pharmacies who are 100% vetted experts in natural medicine with herbs. 

All our services can be accessed from wherever you are in Australia through our easy-to-use accessible online platform. Polln patients can book, attend consultations, view their treatment plans, and easily order their medications through the Polln platform. 

As a proud product-agnostic clinic, our doctors provide recommendations and guidance on all available natural therapy treatments, and have the freedom to prescribe the medication they think is best suited to the patient – without being incentivised or restricted to prescribing a certain medication or brand. 

As part of the Polln Price Guarantee, you’ll never pay above the RRP for any of your medication, or be charged with any additional application or dispensing fees.  

Our Australian-based Care Team is dedicated to providing you with the best possible service, every step of the way. Whether you need assistance booking an appointment, have a question about your treatment, or want to know more about natural therapies, we’re here for you. Call us on 1300 176 556 or send us an email at hello@polln.com.

Experienced authorised doctors
Personalised care
Express delivery Australia-wide
Legal access to natural therapies
Video consultations
Free clinical support
Australia’s largest range
Price Guarantee
Experienced authorised doctors
Personalised care
Express delivery Australia-wide
Legal access to natural therapies
Video consultations
Free clinical support
Australia’s largest range
Price Guarantee

Am I eligible for natural therapies?

You have a chronic medical condition that has lasted for 3+ months

(some examples of chronic conditions include pain, sleep and mental health)

You have tried other treatments that haven’t alleviated your symptoms or have had adverse side effects

(some examples include conventional medication, physiotherapy, psychology or lifestyle changes)

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Same-day, after-hours and weekend appointments available.

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Express Delivery

If eligible, get a personalised prescription and easily order your medication online.

All orders are sent to your door by Registered Express Post.

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Compassionate Care

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