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At Polln, we connect you with doctors and Authorised Prescribers who specialise in natural medicine to help you manage:

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24/7 online ordering and express delivery
No lock-ins to specific medication brands
No hidden fees and never pay above RRP for medication
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Unlike other clinics where nurse consultations are common, our consultations are conducted solely by experienced doctors, ensuring a higher level of care. Referrals are recommended, but not required.

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Free discovery call for new patients
Unlimited, ongoing care for dosing, titration, medication management and more.
Unlimited, ongoing care for dosing, titration, medication management and more.
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Please note: Our nurses do not provide treatment plans or prescriptions. For a comprehensive consultation book with one of our specialist doctors.

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No hidden fees and never pay above RRP for medication. That’s the Polln transparent Price Guarantee.

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Frequently asked questions

Who is Polln for?

Polln is an online clinic that helps Australian patients manage a range of health conditions, naturally. We connect people with experienced natural medicine doctors to help them manage symptoms like pain, sleep, stress, mood, and more.

Polln might be the right choice for you if you want: 

  • You have a chronic condition that has lasted for 3+ months which either hasn't responded to conventional treatment or caused unwanted side effects.
  • high-quality natural healthcare provided by specialist doctors
  • access natural options for your conventional medications
  • the choice of having your script filled online 
  • Want unlimited free nurse support, including dosing, titration, symptom management and more
  • To feel confident that your doctor only prescribes what’s best for you, not a clinic’s bottom line
  • a cost-effective option for premium healthcare with no hidden fees
What should I expect from a Polln consultation?

When you book an appointment with Polln, you’ll gain access to your own all-in-one patient portal where you can schedule, manage, and attend video consultations with just a click.

During your consultation, simply log into the patient portal. There, you’ll meet with your doctor via video call and complete a thorough 30-minute health and treatment plan assessment. If your doctor deems you suitable for natural therapies, you will then receive a prescription and follow-up advice.

After your consultation, you’ll be able to access your prescriptions and consultation notes, and even order your medication for express delivery via your personalised portal. If you have any questions about your treatment plan, your health, or anything else, you can call one of our helpful clinical nurses. At Polln, we provide free, unlimited ongoing nurse support to ensure that you’re receiving the best care possible.

What natural medicines are available through Polln and are they legal?

All treatments prescribed by Polln doctors are legally prescribed to manage various chronic health conditions and their symptoms. Our natural medicines, in particular, are prescribed in accordance with the eligibility criteria outlined by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). To be eligible for prescription natural medication, you must:

  • Have a chronic condition (a condition lasting 3+ months)
  • Have tried other treatments which either didn’t fully treat your symptoms, or had unwanted side effects
  • Not have a history of psychosis or be pregnant or breastfeeding
Why doesn’t Polln mention its natural medicines by name?

At Polln, we adhere to strict regulations set by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration. As such, we are unable to disclose specific treatment names until after you've completed a consultation with one of our specialist doctors and have been approved for treatment. 

This approach ensures that a qualified medical professional thoroughly discusses all available options with you before any decisions regarding medical treatments are made.

Why doesn’t Polln provide “free” consultations?

At Polln, we prioritise the quality of care and ethical prescribing practices above all else, which is why we don't offer “free” or “cheap” consultations.

When Clinics provide $0 consultations it is common that they rely on nurses to do the detailed work, while our consultations are exclusively conducted by experienced doctors during dedicated 30-minute video sessions. This ensures that you receive the highest level of care and attention from medical professionals who are well-versed in natural medicine and chronic conditions.

Another reason why we don’t offer free consultation is because we’re committed to ethical prescribing, also known as ‘agnostic prescribing’. Our doctors do not receive any additional incentives for their prescribing choices, meaning that our recommendations are based solely on what's best for your health, not influenced by financial incentives.

While some clinics may offer free consultations, they also come with different/limited options for patients when it comes to medication and care. Often these clinics encourage patients into filling prescriptions for cheaper, lower-quality compounded blends or their specific preferred brand of medication. At Polln, we prioritise medication quality and efficacy. It’s patients before profits, always.

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