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Online Medicinal Cannabis Clinic Melbourne

Accessing Medical Cannabis in Victoria

Polln is an online clinic making medical cannabis treatments more accessible and affordable for eligible patients in Victoria and Australia-wide.

All consultations are conducted via video call. This means you get to speak directly with our qualified medicinal cannabis doctors from the comfort of your home, or anywhere in Australia.

Getting started is simple

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Sign up

Easily book and attend video consults from the comfort of your home.

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Talk to a doctor

Spend 30 minutes of dedicated time with an expert doctor to find out if medicinal cannabis is right for you.

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treatment delivery

If eligible, you'll receive a personalised prescription and we'll deliver your treatments direct to you, express post Australia-wide.

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ongoing care

Support for you every step of the way with our dedicated Care Team.

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Why choose Polln?

Our doctors are qualified in Medicinal Cannabis prescribing

Every Polln doctor has completed additional training in medicinal cannabis and has detailed knowledge on how these unique plant medicines work with the human body and with different medical conditions. Our Cannabis Clinicians will spend 30 minutes of dedicated 1:1 time with you to ensure that you receive comprehensive care and a tailored treatment plan for your medical condition. We also support all of our doctors in becoming Authorised Prescribers.

We're upfront about our pricing

We heard what patients in Australia had to say about being charged inconsistently and above RRP for medical cannabis treatments. As part of our commitment to care, you’ll never pay dispensing fees or be charged above RRP for your medications. Guaranteed. What’s more, your Initial Consultation is only $110 for 30 minutes of dedicated 1:1 time with your Polln doctor.

We’ve increased consultation availability

No more waiting rooms. No more waiting weeks to see a doctor. We heard our patient community loud and clear. We’ve increased the number of consultations available each week including weekends, after hours, public holidays and same day consultations. So you can manage your health, on your terms.

We express post your medication direct to you

Polln’s medicinal cannabis clinic is fully online, so you don’t even need to go to the pharmacy to fill your script. We’ll handle all dispensing and delivery for you - express, every time. You can have your medications delivered anywhere in Melbourne or Australia. If you want to learn more about how it works, click here.

Our dedicated Care Team provides ongoing support

Care with Polln doesn’t stop with your consultation. We’re committed to providing high quality, continuous care for every patient. Our Victoria-based Care Team is available to provide complementary support wherever you are on your health journey, just get in touch.

Am I eligible for Medicinal Cannabis?

Even though medical cannabis has been legal in Australia for over 6 years now, there are still many misconceptions about who can obtain prescriptions.

It’s up to your prescribing doctor’s responsibility to assess your condition and decide whether medicinal cannabis is suitable for you. Generally, the boxes you need to check off when considering your eligibility are:

You have a chronic medical condition that has lasted for 3+ months

(some examples of chronic conditions include pain, insomnia, anxiety, endometriosis, PTSD and more)
You have tried other treatments

(for example conventional medication, physiotherapy, psychology or lifestyle changes)
Other treatments haven’t alleviated your symptoms or have had adverse effects, or you are concerned about the side effects of treatments suggested to you.

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To find out if you might be eligible to access medicinal cannabis treatments.

Medical Cannabis Doctors
in Victoria

Authorised Prescriber

Dr. Matt Carson

General Practitioner & Cannabis Clinician
Melbourne, Victoria
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Authorised Prescriber

Dr. Jenita Kamania

General Practitioner & Cannabis Clinician
Melbourne, Victoria
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Authorised Prescriber

Dr. Evan Goh

Medical Practitioner & Cannabis Clinician
Melbourne, Vic
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Asked Questions

Can i get a consultation in regional Victoria?

Yes! Because all of our consultations are conducted via telehealth (video), you can have a consultation with one of our qualified Cannabis Clinicians from wherever you are in Australia. What’s more, if you receive a prescription, we handle all dispensing and delivery direct to you, anywhere in Australia - including regional



Who can prescribe in Melbourne?

Doctors and nurse practitioners in Victoria can prescribe medicinal cannabis if they believe it is clinically appropriate, and if they have received authorisation under the Special Access Scheme or Authorised Prescriber Scheme.

Read our article on who can prescribe medicinal cannabis in Australia for more information on medicinal cannabis accessibility in Victoria.


It is important to note that even with a valid prescription, it is currently illegal to drive with any amount of THC in your system in Victoria. Find out more about medicinal cannabis and driving in Victoria here.