About Polln

Created by patients, for patients

Elevating natural healthcare
for all Australians

We know what it’s like to navigate the challenges of accessing quality natural therapies, because we started as patients too.

Our Founders saw the challenge of finding quality natural medicine and easily accessible care first-hand, and made a commitment to bridge the gap.

A better standard of care, powered by technology

We’re setting a new standard of care, where patients can access the medical advice and treatments they need without compromising on comfort and convenience. 

We’re creating healthcare experiences that go beyond treatment — we want to empower and support the well-being of every patient through exceptional medicines and compassionate healthcare.

What makes Polln different

Holistic patient-centric care you can trust

Our compassionate doctors specialise in pain, sleep, stress, mental health and more, developing personalised treatment plans that address your unique needs, naturally.

We're product agnostic

Our doctors have access to the widest range of a natural medication, allowing them to prescribe what's best for you.

Unbeatable price guarantee

We’re ensuring transparency at every step of your healthcare journey with no dispensing fees and never charging above RRP for medications—that's the Polln Price Guarantee.

Complimentary nurse and care team support

Providing continuous care that goes above and beyond, our dedicated team offers unwavering support for your health journey. Our 100% free guidance supports a holistic and compassionate approach to your well-being.

Our Values

We commit to you,
so you can commit to your health


Patient-first, always

The health of our patients is at the heart of everything we do. We focus on care relationships – not transactions – where you’ll always have a say in what works best for you and your health.

In a system that neglects the care in healthcare, we’re setting a new standard and putting the power back in your hands.


Breaking down the barriers

We do more than just imagine a better world for our patients. We build it.

If we know something will improve the health of our patients, we’ll work hard to make it as accessible as possible. Always following the evidence and challenging the stigma to create the healthcare we want to see in the world.


Doing the right thing

We’re committed to doing what’s right for our patients, not what’s easiest or most profitable.

We believe in full transparency when it comes to our services and pricing. We're proudly product-agnostic and we’ll never do anything that goes against our mission to make healthcare more accessible to those who need it most.

Our commitment to a more inclusive healthcare

We believe in building a care team that represents the diversity of our patient community. From our founders to our practitioners, care coordinators and everyone in between – our commitment to inclusion, representation and accessibility is integral to the way we do healthcare.

By ensuring our patients feel seen and understood by their care providers, we aim to overcome the biases that exist in healthcare – providing a service that can be accessed from wherever you are with a practitioner and care team who understand your needs.

Our team is proudly
LGBTQIA+ communities
Indigenous communities
Neurodivergent communities