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All Polln consultations are designed to be as accessible as possible, with no hidden surprises or additional application or dispensing fees.

For new patients
Nurse Discovery Call

15 minutes

Not sure if natural therapies are right for you?

Book a free, no commitment call with our clinic nurse.

Get a better understanding of natural therapies, your suitability and have the chance to ask any questions - all before booking a consultation with one of our expert doctors.

Feel confident in starting your journey to better health, naturally.

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Initial Consultation

30 minutes

No referral required

What's included

Free online eligibility screening

Video consultation, in-depth health review and premium care

Personalised treatment plan with prescriptions for natural medicines, if eligible

24/7 online ordering and express medication delivery

Unlimited nurse support

After-hours and weekends available at no extra charge

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For existing patients
Short Follow-Up Consultation

15 minutes

What's included

Review your treatment plan, including repeat prescriptions. Suitable for most returning patients.

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Long Follow-Up Consultation

30 minutes

What's included

Best for returning patients with complex treatment plans or patients who wish to discuss new health conditions.

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Sign Up

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Step 2

Talk to a Doctor

Spend 30 minutes with an expert in natural therapies to review your health and develop a treatment plan.

Same-day, after-hours and weekend appointments available.

Step 3

Express Delivery

If eligible, get a personalised prescription and easily order your medication online.

All orders are sent to your door by Registered Express Post.

Step 4

Compassionate Care

We go above and beyond to provide complimentary nurse and care team support.

We’re here for you every step of the way.

Not sure if you’re eligible?

Book a free nurse discovery call or take the quiz to determine whether you might be suitable for natural therapies.

Polln Price Guarantee

Pay the same price no matter where you live in Australia

We heard what patients in Australia had to say about having to pay additional dispensing fees and being charged above recommended retail pricing when trying to access their medication.

Get full transparency over every aspect of your care with Polln. Never pay dispensing fees or be charged above RRP for your treatments. Guaranteed.

Frequently asked questions

Who is Polln for?

Polln is for Australian patients living with chronic conditions and wish to explore the possibilities of natural therapies as an alternative or adjunct to conventional treatments. Most Polln patients are unsatisfied with their conventional treatments and are looking to explore natural options under the guidance of an expert doctor. Patients seek support from Polln for a variety of health concerns, including but not limited to sleep disturbances, pain management, mood regulation, and relief from headaches. Polln is available to anyone in Australia over the age of 18 as well as to those under the age of 18 who have a medical condition and a legal parent or guardian to accompany them to online consultations.

Polln is also for healthcare practitioners who are looking to help their eligible patients access natural therapies and make a real difference to the lives of patients in Australia. If you're a clinician, find out more here.

What sort of practitioners does Polln connect me with?

Polln only connects patients with 100% vetted healthcare professionals. All of our Polln practitioners are qualified Australian doctors who are experts in natural therapies and treating chronic conditions such as pain, sleep disorders, headaches, mood disorders, palliative care and more.

Safety and efficacy of our treatments are a high priority. All of our doctors are Authorised Prescribers (or in the process of becoming an Authorised Prescriber) which means you'll experience none of the wait time associated with other access pathways (such as the SAS pathway). During your Polln video consultation, you will speak directly with your Polln doctor who will provide professional, holistic medical care, assessing your conditions and symptoms thoroughly before developing a personalised treatment plan, which may include natural therapies if deemed right for you and your condition. To help you find the best doctor for you, you can learn more about our prescribers and their specialties here.

How is Polln different from a regular visit to the doctor?

Polln differs from a regular GP or health service by only working with doctors who are 100% vetted experts in natural therapies and pharmacies that are experienced in stocking and dispensing these treatments.

Polln is also 100% online, meaning all our services are provided to you via telehealth on our easy-to-use digital platform. Once you've signed up as a Polln patient, you'll be able to book and attend video consultations via the Polln platform. Much like a traditional doctor or GP visit, during your Polln consultation, your doctor will assess your conditions, symptoms and medical history to determine what is the most appropriate type of care for you. Your Polln practitioner will prescribe a personalised treatment plan, which may include natural therapies if they deem you suitable. After your consultation, you'll be able to access your prescriptions and order your medication online. All orders are delivered direct to you, Australia-wide. All of our services can be accessed from wherever you are in Australia, through one accessible online platform.

At Polln, we go above and beyond to exceed the standard of care that you would receive from a usual GP visit – all in a more convenient, personalised and accessible way.

What is telehealth?

Telehealth – also known as telemedicine – refers to the delivery of health services such as medical care, patient education, health information services and other health-related services via telecommunications and digital technologies. Telehealth through Polln allows patients to connect with high quality health professionals and prescribing doctors to access a wide range of health care.

Phone and video consultations, mobile health apps and remote patient monitoring are all examples of how technologies may be used in telehealth. Any virtual consultation between a patient and doctor should be both secure and private and easily booked by the patient or carer online.

Polln is an all-in-one telehealth service that allows patients to have a video consultation with a registered doctor on a secure and easy to use online platform. You can sign up to explore the Polln platform and book your first consultation.

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