We believe in full transparency when it comes to our pricing.
All Polln consultations are designed to be as accessible as possible, with no hidden surprises or additional application fees down the track.

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Initial Consultation

110 AUD

45 minutes
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Your first appointment with Polln.

An in-depth review of your health, any condition/s and medical history to determine if natural therapies are a suitable treatment for you.

We’ll apply for government approval for products on your behalf and tailor a specific treatment plan to suit your needs.

Standard Consultation

75 AUD

30 minutes
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A standard consultation for returning patients.

We’ll discuss how your health and treatment is progressing, monitor your condition, provide repeat scripts or adjust your products and treatment plan if necessary.

Short Consultation

49 AUD

15 minutes
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A short consultation for patients on an ongoing treatment plan.

We’ll check in on your ongoing treatment and provide repeat scripts where necessary.

Rotating text that reads POLLN PRICE GUARANTEE
What you pay for your treatments shouldn’t depend on where you live, or which pharmacy you go to. We heard what our patients had to say about being charged inconsistently and above recommended retail pricing when trying to access their treatments.

As part of our commitment to transparency and care at Polln, you’ll never be charged above RRP for your products.

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