authorised prescriber

Dr. Stephanie Grunberg

Medical Practitioner

Gold Coast, Queensland

Specialises in
Chronic Pain
Women’s Health
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Dr. Stephanie Grunberg

Bio & Qualifications

Medicinal Cannabis Qualifications:

+ Medihuanna


+ Doctor of Medicine (MD)

Special Interests:

+ Women’s Health

+ Mental Health

+ Multiple Sclerosis

+ Insomnia and Sleep Disorders

+ Cancer Pain

+ Gut Health

+ Autoimmune Disorders

Meet the doctor

Dr Stephanie Grunberg, originally from New York, is a Medical Practitioner and Authorised Prescriber based on the Gold Coast, Queensland.

Dr Stephanie received her doctor of medicine degree from the University of Queensland in 2018. She has a background in a broad range of fields including biomedical research, archaeology and even scuba diving. She spent close to 4 years working in a prominent microbiology lab at the University of Pennsylvania, USA where she collaborated on research investigating the human gut microbiome. Her work investigated the role of host-microbe interactions in health and disease, an area that she still finds fascinating.


Dr Stephanie is passionate about integrative and alternative approaches to health and wellbeing. Her interests include women’s health, mental health and chronic disease. She believes in getting to the root causes that lead to disease and how factors such as lifestyle, nutrition, and natural therapies can be used to promote healing. Dr Stephanie believes in working alongside patients to empower them on their healing journey.


When it comes to natural therapies, she is a strong proponent of their use. She has seen first hand how they can help someone with a debilitating chronic disease regain their quality of life.


In her free time, Dr Stephanie loves being in nature with her partner. Whether it’s walking along the beach or hiking in the hinterlands, she will take any opportunity to soak up the beauty outdoors. She also loves cooking, traveling and curling up with a good book.

authorised prescriber
An Authorised Prescriber (AP) is a doctor that has already received authority from the Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA) to write medical cannabis prescriptions which means you’ll experience none of the wait time associated with other cannabis access pathways, such as the SAS pathway. Learn more about medicinal cannabis access here

Patient Reviews

Ryan P

Excellent experience. I had a consultation with Dr. Stephanie Grunberg. She was very easy to talk to and explained all my options for treatment. The video call option is excellent for a time poor person like me.

Wayne H

Great to deal with. Dr. Stephanie is very knowledgeable and explains things very clearly.

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