How do I access repeat prescriptions of my medication?

To see your active scripts, login to your patient dashboard and click 'Prescriptions'. From here, select the medication you wish to order by clicking 'Add to Cart'. To complete your order, click the cart icon on the top right and follow the payment prompts.

Once you have used all repeat prescriptions available to you, you will need to book in for a follow up consultation with your Polln doctor to discuss your progress and acquire a new prescription. Your doctor may decide to add extra repeats in the future to allow for less follow up consultations however this will be decided on a case to case basis and will be up to their discretion.

It's always a good idea to check your prescriptions to make sure they are not near expiry so that you can place orders and book follow-up consultations before you run out of medication. Once your prescription has expired, you can no longer access your medication. To ensure we’re able to dispense your medication, please place an order via your patient dashboard at least 3 business days before the expiry date on your prescription to allow for processing and dispensing time.

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