‍Do my prescriptions expire?

Yes, they do. Every prescription has an expiry date that can be found in your patient dashboard, under ‘Prescriptions’.‍Once your script has expired, you can no longer access your medication. To ensure we’re able to dispense your medication, please place an order via your patient dashboard at least 3 business days before the expiry date on your script to allow for processing and dispensing time.‍

The expiration date of your prescription will depend on the schedule of the medication. For example, Schedule 8 medications will expire 6 months from the date prescribed, and Schedule 4 medications will expire 12 months from the date prescribed. When in doubt, check the expiry date under the ‘Prescriptions’ section of your Polln patient dashboard.

If your Polln prescriptions have expired (or are nearing expiry), please book in with your Polln doctor as soon as possible for a follow-up consultation.

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