Can I travel with my prescription medications?

Yes. If you are a patient with a valid prescription, you are allowed to travel with your approved medicine/s between all states in Australia. Even if you're flying.If you're travelling with your prescription medication in Australia, here are some things to keep in mind:Keep your medication in its original packaging with the pharmacy label attached so that it can be identified as the medication on your script.

Make sure you're carrying some form of ID matching the information on your prescription and pharmacy label.Remember that while you are permitted to have your natural prescription medication with you and to travel with them, there may be restrictions on certain medication delivery methods, such as vaping in crowded public areas. TGA does not support smoking and therefore if you are smoking your treatment, there may be scope for law enforcement to stop you. Ask your Polln doctor if you are unsure. Remember any driving restrictions that exist for your medication will also apply. If you are unsure about travelling with your prescribed medication, simply reach out to the Care Team or discuss this with your doctor during your next consultation.

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