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At Polln, we understand that caregivers need support too

We provide caregivers with the support and information they need to navigate the world of natural therapies. Our compassionate approach extends not only to patients but also to the caregivers dedicating their time and effort to support the people they care for.

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Our doctors provide evidence-based, compassionate care while our Care Team provides ongoing support to help your loved one feel better, naturally.

“My partner and I have been with Polln for well over a year now and have had an amazing experience with them. The doctors and staff genuinely care about their patients, know their stuff, and provide an overall excellent service. I highly recommend them to anyone considering...treatment.”

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July, 2023

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Talk to a Doctor

Attend an in-depth 30-minute video consultation with your loved one. Our expert doctors will assess their health and provide a personalised treatment plan.

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Express Delivery

If eligible, your loved one will receive a personalised prescription. Easily help them order their medication online and enjoy express delivery to anywhere in Australia.

Step 4

Compassionate Care

We provide complimentary nurse support to help you administer medicine and manage treatment plans so you can feel supported in your caregiving.

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Why choose Polln for a loved one

Fast and discreet delivery

Fill your prescriptions online, never miss a repeat, and access express delivery Australia-wide

Comprehensive video consultations

Take the time you need to feel heard, respected, and cared for with 30-minute appointments.

We’re product agnostic

Our practitioners only prescribe what is best for you.

Holistic patient-centric care

Our compassionate doctors specialise in naturally treating pain, sleep, mood and more.

Transparent pricing

No dispensing fees and only pay RRP for medications, that’s the Polln Price Guarantee.

Complimentary nurse support

Access nurse and care team support Monday - Friday, and receive help within 24 hours

Giving caregivers support every step of the way

You're not alone in this journey.
We're here to answer any questions and provide the help you need.

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