What kind of consultation do I need to book?

New Polln patients:

All first-time Polln patients will need to book an Initial Consultation where you will get 30 minutes of dedicated, one-on-one time with your Polln doctor via telehealth (video call). This will allow your practitioner to get to know you and understand your condition and symptoms so they can provide you with high quality care. You can ask your doctor anything you need about natural therapies, active ingredients, or the safety and efficacy of natural medicine. If you're new to Polln but you're looking to switch from another clinic or prescriber, you may be eligible for 20% off your Initial Consultation with Polln. Simply submit a valid discharge letter from your current clinic or prescriber here.

Returning Polln patients:

For most patients, we suggest booking a Short Follow Up Consultation which runs for 15 minutes and includes a review of your treatment plan, repeat prescriptions, new treatments and simple health conditions or questions. If you are wanting a more comprehensive review of your treatment plan or to discuss more complex health conditions or questions, then a Long Follow Up Consultation which runs for up to 30 minutes is recommended.‍

Visit our Pricing page for more information about the types of consultations we offer.

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