What do I do if there is an issue with my delivery or treatment?

If you suspect there is an issue with your treatment or delivery, please contact the Care Team within 3 days of receiving your delivery so we can investigate the issue with the pharmacy, supplier or delivery service.

At times the supplier may request that the medication be returned for review. So, if you do want to proceed with your feedback it’s important that you do not consume your medication or that you cease consumption as soon as you are aware of the issue and have submitted your feedback to the Care Team. We will also raise the issue directly with your practitioner and reach out should they have any advice regarding the disruption to your treatment plan.

When emailing the Care Team about your issue, please include photographic evidence of your issue, such as: leaking, breakages, weight discrepancy or incorrect product. For weight discrepancies, please mention the type of tool used to weigh the medication (ensure you're using appropriate microgram scales and not kitchen scales) and let us know how much, if any, of the treatment has been consumed by you.

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