How is Polln different from a regular visit to the doctor?

Polln differs from a regular GP or health service by only working with doctors who are 100% vetted experts in natural therapies and pharmacies that are experienced in stocking and dispensing these treatments.

Polln is also 100% online, meaning all our services are provided to you via telehealth on our easy-to-use digital platform. Once you've signed up as a Polln patient, you'll be able to book and attend video consultations via the Polln platform. Much like a traditional doctor or GP visit, during your Polln consultation, your doctor will assess your conditions, symptoms and medical history to determine what is the most appropriate type of care for you. Your Polln practitioner will prescribe a personalised treatment plan, which may include natural therapies if they deem you suitable. After your consultation, you'll be able to access your prescriptions and order your medication online. All orders are delivered direct to you, Australia-wide. All of our services can be accessed from wherever you are in Australia, through one accessible online platform.

At Polln, we go above and beyond to exceed the standard of care that you would receive from a usual GP visit – all in a more convenient, personalised and accessible way.

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