What sort of practitioners does Polln connect me with?

Polln only connects patients with 100% vetted healthcare professionals. All of our Polln practitioners are qualified Australian doctors who are experts in natural therapies and treating chronic conditions such as pain, sleep disorders, headaches, mood disorders, palliative care and more.

Safety and efficacy of our treatments are a high priority. All of our doctors are Authorised Prescribers (or in the process of becoming an Authorised Prescriber) which means you'll experience none of the wait time associated with other access pathways (such as the SAS pathway). During your Polln video consultation, you will speak directly with your Polln doctor who will provide professional, holistic medical care, assessing your conditions and symptoms thoroughly before developing a personalised treatment plan, which may include natural therapies if deemed right for you and your condition. To help you find the best doctor for you, you can learn more about our prescribers and their specialties here.

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