authorised prescriber

Dr. Kaiya Ferguson

Medical Practitioner

Alice Springs, Northern Territory

Specialises in
LGBTQI+ Health
Indigenous Health
Women’s Health
Chronic Pain
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Dr. Kaiya Ferguson

Bio & Qualifications

Medicinal Cannabis Qualifications:

+ Medihuanna


+ Bachelor of Biomedical Science

+ Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBBS)

Meet the doctor

Dr Kaiya is an Emergency Medicine Registrar based in Mparntwe (Alice Springs), in the Northern Territory. 

Dr Kaiya grew up in country QLD and moved to Brisbane to attend Medical School at the University of Queensland. Throughout her time there, she developed an interest in global health and natural therapies, studying abroad in Ecuador and Sudan. 

After graduation, Dr Kaiya gained experience in a wide range of medical specialties, working across the Sunshine Coast Health Service hospitals. She subsequently moved to the Northern Territory where she has been practicing medicine since. Dr Kaiya’s current hospital focus is critical care medicine, including significant physical trauma, protracted systemic infection, renal disease, substance abuse, domestic violence, and sexual assault. 

Dr Kaiya is focused on holistic health care, with a special interest in helping patients to avoid pain crises that would see them presenting to ED. She is working to create a future where medicinal cannabis is interwoven in hospital medicine, with a vision for holistic care of individuals and communities. 

When she’s not working, Dr Kaiya enjoys yoga, meditation, long hikes, vegetable gardening, and painting and lives with her partner, dog, and cat. 

authorised prescriber
An Authorised Prescriber (AP) is a doctor that has already received authority from the Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA) to write medical cannabis prescriptions which means you’ll experience none of the wait time associated with other cannabis access pathways, such as the SAS pathway. Learn more about medicinal cannabis access here

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