authorised prescriber

Dr. Jenita Kamania

General Practitioner

Melbourne, Victoria

Specialises in
Chronic Pain
Eating Disorders
Cancer Pain
Women’s Health
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Dr. Jenita Kamania

Bio & Qualifications

Medicinal Cannabis Qualifications

+ Medihuanna


+ Doctor of Medicine (MD)

+ Bachelor of BioMedical Science (BBioMed Sc)

Special Interests

+ Women’s Health

+ Chronic Pain

+ Pelvic Pain

+ Cancer pain

+ Epilepsy

+ Depression

+ Anxiety


+ Sleep Disorders

+ Eating Disorders

Meet the doctor

Dr Jenita Kamania is a General Practitioner and Authorised Prescriber based in Melbourne, Victoria.

Dr Jenita is a highly trained medical doctor who has gained exceptional clinical skills across a variety of hospital training rotations. She started her career in obstetrics and gynaecology and has since transitioned into general practice. Having witnessed first-hand the impact of chronic pain on the daily life of her patients in pain clinics, Jenita is keen to explore the emerging field of natural therapies for the management of various common yet debilitating medical conditions. 

With over 7 years in medicine and extensive experience in women’s health, Jenita has completed a range of hospital rotations in aged care and subacute medicine – including rehabilitation medicine and palliative medicine, emergency medicine, general and colorectal surgery, urology, orthogeriatric medicine and general medicine at a variety of public and private hospitals across Melbourne. Jenita has seen the harm done by pharmacotherapy in all these fields, but understands that the need for alleviating suffering still exists.

That’s why Jenita is passionate about providing an inclusive, holistic and patient-centred approach to managing common and chronic conditions with the use of evidence-based therapies including natural therapies and lifestyle considerations. 

Dr Jenita graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Doctor of Medicine and has practiced around the Inner West Suburbs of Melbourne, though is relocating to Geelong soon. When not working, Jenita’s days and nights are kept busy by her 1-year-old twin boys and a 3-year-old boy with action packed adventures and all the joys that motherhood brings. Jenita also enjoys travelling and is always in search of new cultural and culinary experiences.

authorised prescriber
An Authorised Prescriber (AP) is a doctor that has already received authority from the Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA) to write medical cannabis prescriptions which means you’ll experience none of the wait time associated with other cannabis access pathways, such as the SAS pathway. Learn more about medicinal cannabis access here

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