Why doesn’t Polln provide “free” consultations?

At Polln, we prioritise the quality of care and ethical prescribing practices above all else, which is why we don't offer “free” or “cheap” consultations.

When Clinics provide $0 consultations it is common that they rely on nurses to do the detailed work, while our consultations are exclusively conducted by experienced doctors during dedicated 30-minute video sessions. This ensures that you receive the highest level of care and attention from medical professionals who are well-versed in natural medicine and chronic conditions.

Another reason why we don’t offer free consultation is because we’re committed to ethical prescribing, also known as ‘agnostic prescribing’. Our doctors do not receive any additional incentives for their prescribing choices, meaning that our recommendations are based solely on what's best for your health, not influenced by financial incentives.

While some clinics may offer free consultations, they also come with different/limited options for patients when it comes to medication and care. Often these clinics encourage patients into filling prescriptions for cheaper, lower-quality compounded blends or their specific preferred brand of medication. At Polln, we prioritise medication quality and efficacy. It’s patients before profits, always.

Your health is our priority

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