How does Polln work?

Polln works by connecting patients with qualified doctors and Authorised Prescribers who are experts in natural therapies and pharmacists who are experienced in stocking and dispensing these treatments. To become a Polln patient, simply sign up to the Polln platform and book a telehealth (video call) appointment with one of our expert doctors.

If your doctor deems you suitable for natural therapies and decides to write you a prescription, you can easily see your prescription online in your Polln patient dashboard. From here, you can choose the medication you wish to access, place an order online and we'll coordinate all pharmacy dispensing and express delivery to anywhere in Australia. All of our services are entirely online, meaning you can access them from wherever you are without having to commute to the doctor’s office or pharmacy yourself. Our commitment to care doesn't end here. As a Polln patient, you can enjoy free nurse check-ins and ongoing support from our dedicated care team.

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