We’re Polln

We’re here to make alternative treatments more accessible to patients living in Australia. 

Founded on the principles of creating a new standard of patient care, improving accessibility and fostering better quality of life for those that need it most, Polln was born out of our own patient experiences, unanswered questions and difficulty navigating the traditional healthcare system.
We decided it was time to create a new model of care. One that is simple, transparent, enabled by technology and focused on empowering people to take control of their health, naturally.
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Our personalised online platform makes it easy to access consultations, tailored prescriptions and product delivery services from home. And our dedicated Care Team are here to support you along the way. 

Wherever you’re at in your healthcare journey, we’re here to make your next step easier

We do things a little differently

We provide healthcare that is:


We know no two patients are the same. From prevention to lifestyle-centred treatment.

Our care is tailored to you.


Find the services you need no matter where you are. Book consultations whenever you need them.

Online and Australia-wide.


With all-online services and direct product delivery, we provide healthcare that fits with your life.

No commute. No waiting rooms.


We hand-select our doctors and are confident that you are receiving the highest standards of care.

100% vetted experts.

Polln’s Values

Our commitment to you


Patient-first, always

Our patients are at the heart of everything we do. We strive to achieve the best experience and outcomes for you and your family’s health.


Dare to be better

We’re not afraid to question the status quo. We have a bold, trailblazing spirit and will always go the extra mile on our mission to redefine healthcare.


In this together

We’re banding together to find solutions to real problems, with a focus on trust and transparency. We build partnerships with patients, doctors, nurses and pharmacists to create real change in our industry.


Do the right thing

We act with integrity, honesty and above all, ethics. We encourage open communication about our services and industry and will never do anything that doesn’t align with our values.


Care at our core

In a system that neglects the care in healthcare, we’re setting a new standard. One that listens, supports and puts the power back into your hands.

Giving Back

Pay it forward with Polln

When you choose Polln, you become a part of a loyal community of patients, practitioners and other healthcare providers who value patient-centric, convenient healthcare.

And you’re directly contributing to the access of medications and health services for people in Australia.

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