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Keeping medicinal cannabis fresh – why storage matters

Everything you need to know about storing your cannabis treatments to ensure they stay fresher for longer.


Emily Osborne – Polln

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Like any plant, as soon as the cannabis plant has been harvested and is no longer receiving nutrients from the root it was once attached to, it begins to degrade.

Once your flower has been harvested, dried and prepared for medicinal use, its optimal freshness zone becomes a finite window that can only be extended through proper storage methods.

Knowing how to keep your flower fresh will help you ensure your medicinal cannabis treatments maintain their quality and efficacy over time, allowing you to get the greatest therapeutic benefits out of your medication.

5 things to consider when storing your medicinal cannabis flower

1. Light: studies have found exposure to sunlight and UV rays to be the leading factor in cannabinoid deterioration once cannabis is harvested. Keep your cannabis fresh by storing it in a cool, dark place away from sunlight, or in a UV-proof storage container.

2. Air: exposure to oxygen greatly accelerates the degradation process of cannabis, so it's best stored in an airtight container (or, even better, one with an airtight vacuum seal).

3. Humidity: the ideal relative humidity zone for cannabis is 59–63%. Storing your cannabis at this humidity level will prevent it from becoming either too dry (which weakens the bud structure) or too moist (which makes it susceptible to mould). Again, storing your cannabis in an airtight container in a cool, dark place will help you maintain an ideal humidity level.

4. Temperature: Cannabis is best stored at or below 21°C. To maintain the quality of your flower, never store cannabis treatments near heat or above kitchen or other appliances, as the heat will rise and cause your flower to dry out. You should also avoid storing your cannabis treatments in the fridge or freezer, as fluctuating temperature and humidity can reduce its quality and cannabinoid content and increase the risk of mould.

5. Odour: if you need to store your medicinal cannabis treatments discreetly, you may want to opt for a smell-proof storage container that contains the odour of the cannabis flower. Odour-proof storage can help keep your medicinal cannabis treatments safe and out of the wrong hands.

Polln recommends: Staze*

At Polln, we want to ensure our patients get the most out of their medicinal cannabis treatments. We've partnered with Staze because their vacuum seal jars are among the best methods of storage for maintaining cannabis quality, efficacy and cannabinoid content. Meaning our patients get the therapeutic experience and benefits they deserve. Every time.

With such a wide range of cannabis brands and packaging coming out in Australia, we discovered that many of our patients were finding it more difficult than it needed to be to carry or have a smaller dose available while keeping their treatments discreet and out of the wrong hands (and away from children). This was especially true for patients receiving treatments packaged in large mylar bags! After receiving this feedback, we wanted to provide our patient community with a storage option that maintains their plant’s integrity and quality and protects the flower from being crushed while remaining discreet and odour-proof.

With a considered design that eliminates exposure to light and air and prevents odours from escaping, Staze ensures the work your cannabis growers put in, stays in.

Staze features:

  • Airtight vacuum seal: built-in hand operated vacuum pump locks in freshness by removing all air to extend the life of your cannabis flower
  • Activated carbon filter: placed inside the cap to prevent odours from escaping for added discretion and portability
  • UV protection: opaque jar protects your cannabis treatments from harmful light exposure
  • Aesthetic design: sleek and minimal, Staze is designed to fit in the palm of your hand with a comfort grip for added functionality
  • Air removal indicator: pumping motion activates a clicking noise once vacuum seal is reached to indicate that your cannabis flower is now safely stored and protected

Get to know Staze at Shop Polln.

*Disclaimer: Patients in Australia should ensure they are always travelling with their cannabis treatments in their original pharmacy packaging accompanied by any relevant supporting documents, such as prescription or approval letter.

Storing other cannabis formats

If you’ve been prescribed another type of cannabis treatment, such as an oil or a capsule, you will simply need to follow the storage instructions written on the box or packaging that your medication came in from the pharmacy.

You will likely not need to explore alternative storage options like you might use for cannabis flower, but instead focus on storing your treatments at the correct temperature and away from direct sunlight or moisture.