Dr. Harkiran Bhatia
Medical Practitioner & Cannabis Clinician
Sydney, NSW
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Bio & Qualifications

Medical cannabis qualifications

+ Medihuanna


+ Bachelor of Medicine (BMed)

+ Bachelor of Science (BSc)

Special interests
+ Rehabilitation medicine
+ Aged care
+ Palliative care

Meet THE doctor

Dr Harkiran Bhatia is a cannabis clinician and established medical practitioner currently based out of Sydney, Australia.

Harkiran has always had a vested interest in pharmaceuticals, including both traditional and natural medicines for management of various ailments that plague our modern society.

Harkiran has had a broad range of clinical experience across many medical subspecialties including adult and paediatric emergency medicine, general medicine, general surgery, orthopaedics, aged care, rehabilitation medicine and palliative care. His experiences were enriching yet provided insight and appreciation into the potential harms associated with many traditional pharmacotherapies that are widely prescribed within our health system. This has allowed Harkiran to recognise both the need for and benefits associated with natural alternatives.

Harkiran is committed to providing holistic patient-centred and balanced health care which caters to the unique needs of each individual patient he sees.

Harkiran graduated with his medical degree from Newcastle, NSW before relocating to his hometown of Sydney to pursue formal employment as a medical practitioner. Prior to medicine, Harkiran had completed a Bachelor of Science in Sydney with majors in pharmacology and medicinal chemistry. Outside of work, Harkiran enjoys spending time in the great outdoors, from long drives up or down the coast to finding a new trail to explore. Harkiran is also a huge foodie and always enjoys sharing a quality meal with good company. 

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