Pay it forward with Polln

Thousands of Australians living with chronic and debilitating conditions are unable to access the treatments and care that can make a difference to their health. When it comes to natural therapies, high costs and lack of government subsidy for these treatments can put them even further out of reach.

That's why we created Pay it forward with Polln.

We imagine a world where if we can all contribute a little, our difference can be a lot.

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We’ve pledged 1% of our profits to our compassionate access program, supporting people who cannot afford to access the health services and treatments they need.

When you choose Polln, you become a part of a loyal community of patients, practitioners and other healthcare providers that value patient-centric, convenient healthcare. And you’re directly contributing to the access of medications and health services for people in Australia.

Get involved

Community contributions

As a patient or customer, you can choose to donate an additional 1% of your basket amount (or an amount of your choice) when purchasing your products to support patients in need.

Your contribution will go directly towards funding access to consultations and medications for eligible patients.

Healthcare professionals

Keen to donate your time to offer compassionate consultations?

When you join Polln as a practitioner you’ll have the option to conduct compassionate consultations for eligible patients. 

To learn more about how you can contribute, please get in touch at

Accessing the program

As we continue to expand with the support of our growing Polln community we are working towards launching our Pay it forward program in 2022.

Coming Soon

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